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Monday, April 10, 2006

Exporting report with subreports

A project I worked on was to combine several compex reports into one report using Crystal 8.5. This was accomplished by adding each of the seperate reports as a subreport. Each of the subreports would be executed if they met a certain criteria and this was achieved by using suppression. They main aim of the consolidated report was to have it exported to excel. But when exporting the report it would take an extremely long time. The cause of the problem was that when exporting Crystal would still executed the subreport even though it was being suppressed. The work around was to create each row as a single text containing all the fields seperated by a comma. The report was then exported as PDF and we then used a PDF to text converter to create a text file. This file could then be imported into Excel. Hopefully this Excel exporting problem has been fixed in later versions of Crystal Reports.


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